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There are lots of reasons why I joined taijiquan

by Vincent Velasco

There are a lot of reasons why i joined Taijiquan. I wanted to improve my health, improve my mind and learn martial arts for self defense. Because I have heard about Taijiquan and have read about it , I really wanted to try it and learn it.

I remember my first class, i didn't know much about Taijiquan and everything was unfamiliar to me but i tried to do the exercises to the best that i can. My body was shaking doing the exercises and after the class, i could not move and my
muscles ached. I was told that this was because my body was not trained yet.

For the past 1 and a half yr, i have been attending the Taijiquan classes consistently at least once a week. I remember doing the exercises and form week after week, slowly learning more and more details and learning the correct way.
Observing other people do the exercises also helped me learn a lot.

However, it is only after a year before i feel changes and improvements in myself. The improvements are hard to pinpoint but i feel that my body has become stronger, and most of the time I have become more relaxed. 

Learning taijiquan for me is quite challenging and requires a great deal of training. I still know so little about it and would need to learn a lot more and need a lot of guidance to master it. I also believe that in order to get its benefits, I would need to do it properly and this would require a lot of dedication and discipline.



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