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Taiji classes

by Teo Wee Seng

You are going to take Taiji lessons and enrol in Taiji class. What kind of class you join depends on what you are looking for. Are you going to do calisthenics for health or are you going to practise martial arts for fighting. If you are looking to do calisthenics only then Taiji class would do.

But if you are trying to learn Taiji martial arts then you must join only Taiji with martial arts class. Taiji martial arts class includes the practice of Taiji form (the calisthenics part) and then the use of the form. The practice of the form for martial arts is quite strict unlike Taiji for exercise. Each step of the form is practised for its use. Each step is practised for its use. Each step is practised for developing stability, standing stability, and being stable when pushed by someone else. Taiji for martial arts include push hand. Actually push hand is a must if you are going to develop fighting ability.



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