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I always am looking forward to the next class

by Tara Teh

I have tried learning other sports and exercises and I concluded that Tai Chi is so challenging and difficult. But that's how it kept me coming back for more lessons and become so interested.

Even though we had completed the whole form, we just have started to learn what is Tai Chi, how it should be executed perfectly and beautifully under the watchful eye of our Master Chong.

I must say that he is really good at teaching us, making us understand, not just repeat the movements. There's no shortcut, only practising consistently, one can really benefit from it. This is a fantastic exercise to do till old age!

Only a year after  I started, I found that I can relax more and calm myself better. I really wish I had more time to learn more from Master Chong. I always am looking forward to the next class.



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