A calligraphy scroll displayed during the Tai Chi Night 2009


Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night 2009

Taiji Night 2009 was held on 29 Dec at Toa Payoh Sports For Life Centre with about 150 attendees.

This year's guests of honor included: Master Pang Siu Wan, Master Ni Yi Zhen and Master Sheng Shijie.

Everyone present helped themselves to a nice buffet dinner before the start of the program.

Master Chong gave a short opening speech, where he welcomed everyone and talked about how taiji quan practice has changed over the years with emphasis on health rather than on the combate and martial aspects of olden times because of the busy modern lifestyle. Nevertheless taiji quan should be practised adhering to taiji principles, otherwise it would be just another aerobic exercise.

He also highlighted that Taiji Night had been held to gather fellow students and to watch those who were performing, as a benchmark and motivation for everyone to strive to bring their taiji quan skills to the next level.

Our very own instructors and students performed classic 42 steps competitive taiji quan routine, basic staff routine technique, Cheng Man Qing 37 steps routine and also push hands demo on stools (instead of bricks, as bricks are not so easily available now).

There was also first Chen style old-frame routine performance by our guest of honor Master Pang.

The grand finale was the performance by Master Chong, who executed a traditional taiji quan sword routine passed down by his father.

After the performance, Master Chong together with the guests of honor presented certificates to students who had attained beginner, intermediate and instructor level ranking.


Food: that's where it all begins!

Now, everyone is ready...

...and Master Chong opens the Tai Chi Night



Chief Instructor Alvin Tan Tok Ngang performs 37-step routine

Mr Lim performs 42-step routine

Elegant fan routine by Jaleen Ho and Teo Ann Lee

Sword routine by Jaleen Ho...

...and staff routine by Shawn Tan



Chen routine by Mr Pang

Next step: Tui Shou demonstration:




And finally a beautiful sword routine by Master Chong passed down to him by his father:




Handing certificates:

Guests of honour hand certificates to the students

Guests, Master Chong and students who received this year's certificates


Written by Loi
Photographs by Loi and Kung Leng
Edited by Vsevolod Vlaskine

Tai Chi ground work: Loi taking photographs of the event


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