Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night 2007


On 10 December 2007, more than a hundred of students of Master Rennie Chong gathered together again in Toa Payoh Sports for Life Centre for the traditional Taiji Night, representing Master Chong's classes at Bishan C.C., Kim Keat Avenue, Bukit Gombak Sports for Life Centre, Toa Payoh Sports for Life Centre, Ministry of Health, as well as the Taiji instructor class at Toa Payoh.

Even before the official part started, everyone, delighted to see old friends and classmates again, was chatting, trying various Taiji elements, and engaging in friendly push-hand sessions.

After a brief introduction by Master Chong followed by a buffet...

Food is important!

the main programme began with demonstrations of various styles and aspects of Taiji by the guests and students:

The guests of the night performed the 42 form...

42-Step form by Mr Lim

...and second Chen form known for its difficult and energetic fa jin elements.

Second Chen form by Mr Pang

It followed by a striking form with fan...

Fan form by Mdm Wang

... As well as a form of Wu style.

Wu Style form Mr Low

The students showed the 37-step Cheng Man Ch'ing form as well as a bit of formal and free tui-shou including one of the new original exercises with Swiss ball, which allows to gain a better understanding of the direction of the strength and feeling of the opponents centre.

Cheng Man Ch'ing 37-Step form by Master Chong's students

Push-ball instead of push-hands!

Following demonstration of Wu Qin (Five Animals) exercise by four of Master Chong's students was especially interesting. It does not belong to Taiji and neither it has a formal routine to follow. It is a qigong exercise, when the practitioner sends her- or himself into a special state and performs spontaneous movements (which can be very vigorous) and even produces sounds expressing a sort of nature of one of the animals (Tiger, Deer, Bird, Monkey, or Bear), which correspond to the Five Elements and five organs of the human body. In this way, the body and mind remove blockages and rectify their circulation. It's important though, that someone helps the practitioner to "close qigong" and leave the special state. Amazingly, the age of the oldest participant was 80 years, which you never could tell from her posture and movements.

Wu-qin or Play of Five Animals with the oldest participant over 80 years old (left)

The last was a beautiful demonstration by Master Chong. This time, he decided to show a fusion of the Yang and Chen style, emphasizing the Chen origins of Yang style. The sudden, but yet smooth changes between Chen and Yang, with Yang movements almost exploding with fa-jin and Chen borrowing smoothness of Yang, showed another time the common principles behind all the Taiji styles.

Master Chong performing

The night concluded with Master Chong and the guests-of-honour handing the certificates of completion of various levels to Master Chong's students. Just some of dozens of Master Chong's students who got certificates on that day:

Mdm Foo, one of the oldest students of Master Chong

Betty has been following Master Chong for many, many years

Xiao Chen receiving his Advanced Level Certificate (highest on that night)

Master Chong with the Tai Chi Night guests of honour (left to right: Mr Pang, Mr Chong, Mdm Wang, Mr Low)


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