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Reflections on Taiji Quan

by Sandi Tang


I have been practising Taiji quan for 9 years. I started at the age of 6, as I had inherited asthma. I had not been really interested and patient, when I studied, but as years passed, I began to be more engrossed and inquisitive about Taiji and tried to put in more into my practice to improve it. Now my asthma has been cured with the help of my dearest Godfather, Master Chong. I really want to express my gratitude to him for all the hard work and effort that he has contributed during all these years.

I have learnt a lot through these 9 years, however, I regret to admit that I didnít really put in my best and did not work hard enough. Since last year, I have started to endeavor and go an extra mile to practise harder than ever before. All the intensive practice has made my body feel so physically powerful that I can put in more effort and attention to advance in my learning.

Master Chong is a very patient teacher. If you are willing to learn and contribute your time, he will be very pleased to teach you as excellent as he can. 

Tai Ji Quan helps to improve blood circulation and makes your body stronger and steady. These are some of the points that I can spot out. Although some other sports can bring one up to this standard, but Tai Ji takes a harder and different way. It needs more patience, concentration and perseverance. Without them, you canít possibly learn as great as expected. Besides, there are many other bits and pieces to learn rather than only Tai Ji Quan; especially your body must be flexible in a way that you can practise well from there. You can get flexibility from the warm-up exercises and by stretching at home, too. Thatís what I always do when I've got the time, by doing some stretching to flex myself.

Pick up Tai Ji as one of your hobbies. You can feel the difference once you try it. It might be tough for the first few months, but after a while, you will feel that all the effort and patience you have put in is worthwhile. 

Sandy Tang, 15 years old

Singapore, 26 July 2005


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