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Tai Chi and its benefits

by Sally Chin


Like most people, I have always thought that Tai-chi, a slow moving form of martial arts was meant for old people.

Tai-chi is taught at California Fitness every Saturday morning. I some times watched the class going on. I told my self, with such a slow moving exercise, how could it benefit my body. I think I should give it a try, and I joined the class about a year ago.

Tai-chi seems easy but no, is not. It is not only learning the moves, but also the insights on the theories and practical usage of Tai-chi in relation to health, as explained by Master Chong, is educational. Seeing a group of serious learners including myself, Master Chong, a traditional practitioner, was happy to share with us the benefits of Tai-chi, how it could calm our mind, body and soul. Every move of Tai-chi has its purpose and Master Chong does not hesitate to explain this in detail.

The meditation, to my surprise, could send the 'qi' down my hands. Breathing, is another exercise which is important to our health. There is so much to learn from Master Chong, who selflessly impart his knowledge, a little at a time, (we need time to absorb), to us.

We are privileged to be trained by Master Chong and his team of instructors who patiently explained and corrected our moves.

Thank you Master Chong and your team of instructors.



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