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Taiji Quan: A Path To A Healthy Mind and A Healthy Body

by Ng Tuck Yan

I first learned about Master Chong’s Taiji Quan classes when I attended his class at California Gym about 2 years ago. After that lesson, I decided to sign up for his classes at Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

I do not profess to be a disciplined and hard-working practitioner of Taiji Quan. Nevertheless, I feel I have benefitted in some ways since I took up this form of martial art.

Master Chong in his book “Taiji Quan – Body of Knowledge” told us that at its highest level, Taiji Quan is a philosophy of life. This is something that is very profound and would take me many many years to understand fully its meaning. For now, I understand it to be a condition when I achieve a sense of balance in whatever I do in my life. It can apply to our daily life of human relationship, our behaviour towards our family members, our children, our friends and colleagues. All in all, I try to look at things in a way of the so-called Yin-Yang balance. This concept helps me look at things in a better perspective.

After about 2 years of practice ( though I did not practise as hard as I should), I could feel a sense of improvement in my body condition. I used to suffer from stress and anxiety attacks. Since taking up Taiji Quan, I have been able to better manage stress and feel more at ease mentally and physically. In the past, I always caught flu easily every 3 months or so. Now, I supposed Taiji Quan has strengthen my respiratory system and I catch a flu less frequently. Overall, I feel energy and qi flowing in my body and sometimes tingling effects can be felt on the palms and finger tips.

Like what all Taiji Quan practitioners say, it is a life-long learning process. We can never perfect it although we can get better and better with consistent and disciplined practice. For me, Taiji Quan is a life-long journey towards a healthier mind and a healthier body. 



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