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A different perspective to exercise

by Natalie Lim

Taichi, was never in my agenda to pick it up. To me, it is perceived as a sport for the old or for people who can't do vigorous exercise. It is slow and moves too "wayang".

Two and a half years ago, due to an aggravating back and knee problem, I was advise not to do any vigorous sport for a while till condition improves.

Being a hyper active person, it was an agony not to be able to do anything. I thought why not give taichi a chance to redeem itself in my image.

I started attending classes at the gym. First few session, boring. But as months past under Master Chong, I realize that there is more to just doing all the moves.

As boxing and combat is my forte, to do taichi is a challenge. Taichi involves a lot of internal strength which requires one to relax, not to get to tense, focus and concentration. It looks simple but not so if all the moves are done correctly. It can be as tiring as doing any cardio classes or toning classes.

Never regretted picking it up 2 years ago. It has given me a different perspective to exercise and I will definitely continue practicing it. Who knows, one day I may go to a level where I will be able to use it to heal my body or even fight with it, like those kungfu serial that I use to watch when I was young.



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