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Experiences of a student of Master Chong's

Some Additional Exercises

by Kerry Anne Chan

Tai Chi Cat-Walk forwards and backwards

Similar to transferring weight in bow stance except that when weight is transferred to the front leg, the back leg is lifted and placed forwards at shoulder width apart (think of the knights move in chess where one is one move to the side and two moves forward).

The foot is placed heel first and facing forwards, as the weight is smoothly transferred to it keeping the centre of gravity low, and hips moving parallel to the ground i.e. the body moves in a straight line, there is not up and down bobbing movement.

Transfer weight back to the back leg, and swivel front foot on heel to 45 degrees out.

Transfer the weight to the bent front leg and place other leg forwards.


Similar to transferring weight in bow stance except that when weight is transferred to the back leg, the front leg is lifted and placed behind, toe down first and at a 45 degree angle.


Abdominal Exercises

Start position - Lie flat on one’s back on the floor, preferably with no padding, but use it if necessary. Place hands palms down and flat on the floor by one’s sides.

Keeping the legs straight, lift them one foot off the ground and hold to the count of 20. Do not lift more than one foot otherwise it is too easy. Repeat.

As previous simultaneously lifting the head up off the ground and looking towards one’s feet. Hold to the count of 20 and repeat.

Assume start position as above, then take the knees to stomach.

Straighten the legs (and lift the head off the floor to look at the legs) by pushing downwards away from the head, parallel to the floor, maintaining the feet at their starting height until the legs are almost completely straight.

As they straighten out, lift them up into the air, while lifting the body with the back straight (so that one is making a ‘V’ shape).

Reverse process to return to start position and complete the exercise. Repeat at least 10 times.


Hip stretch (10 times to each side)

Sit on the floor.

Bend the right leg so that the knee is in front of the body and the foot is next to the left buttock. Do the same with the left leg. Both knees should be on top of each other.

If the left knee is uppermost, place the left hand by the left heel and the right hand by the right buttock.

Bend the arms and let the body lean forwards until the head touches the floor (if possible).

Straighten the arms and sit up.


Hip stretch and balance

Stand on the left leg and lift the right knee to the stomach. Hold with both hands, the right hand near the top of the knee, and press it as close to the stomach as possible.

Keeping the leg lifted, the left hand takes hold of the right foot, fingers over the top with the thumb on the bottom. Turn the foot up and take it to the left hip, as high as possible, and hold.

Repeat on the other side.


Hip and Lower Back (incomplete – couldn’t remember it all)

Feet just wider than shoulder width apart (can attain correct distance by placing heels together and turning out the toes as far as possible, then keeping the toes together and turning out the heels as far as possible. Once more, swivel on heels and turn out toes. Swivel on toes until feet are parallel i.e. move feet out by swivelling 3 times). Hands on the hips.

Facing forwards, bend forward by the hip keeping the head up and looking forwards.

Rock the hip backwards and then forwards, stretching the spine forwards and upwards with each forward movement.



Experiences of a student of Master Chong's: Some additional exercises 

© 2003 Kerry Ann Chan, Rennie Chong

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