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Dear Master Rennie,

Thank you so much for teaching us Taichi. Learning Taichi has helped us to understand that the parts in the human body are interconnected through the joints, bones, tendons and muscles, and it helps in the transfer of energy and strength from ground up through the joints to the upper part of the body when we conduct any daily activities.

Through the standing posture, we develop better grounding to the floor with better stability and grip to the ground and a better feel of energy generated from our feet to the palms, and the body is warm which can be very helpful when we are in countries with cold climate. People that I know with knee pain problems through correction on their standing and walking postures were able to walk and climb up stairs with ease again.

Aside from the health aspects, Taichi is also a martial art which one could use for self defence applications with the energies generated within the body from the basic movements of Peng Lu Chi An. Overall, it's an excellent workout that fun to learn and more importantly, it restores good health to the practitioner.

Best Regards,

Ken Chua



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