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There is so much to learn

by Honey Sng

I would like to share how I got started with Tai Chi. It's almost a year since I attended Master Rennie Chong classes.Being a active person, I was pretty surprised that Tai Chi can captivate me.

Most of the time people regards this form of exercise as slow,boring and only for seniors. Only regrets I had was that I should have started learning this amazing martial art much earlier in life.

There's so much to learn,so much benefits we'll have for our body,mind and soul.It is really hard to perfect those forms but thankfully, Master Rennie Chong is a great teacher who really teaches us with his heart and soul.

I am more aware about synchronizing mind , breathe and movement together.Learning as well to be more patience and be in harmony with yourself ,others and all beings.

I am grateful to Master Chong as well as all Tai Chi brothers and sisters who share sincerely and taught us selflessly.



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