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Focused yet relaxed

by Ho Kit Yee


Dear Master Rennie,

I remember most clearly you said: Taichi should be practised everyday and used in our everyday life.

This sentence strikes me the most because it reminds me to keep on learning and applying what we learn. Be it the martial art itself, or the things we do in life.

Attitude: Focused, yet relaxed

The most effective state to be in is to be very relaxed. We can breathe better, function better and reap more results.

As a beginner in Taichi, we're very conscious of every form we make and we become very tensed. How to relax? That's why we need to practise everyday to the point we're very familier with each form and we're able to do it subconsciously. 

Though I haven't got passed the stage of being so familiar with each form that I can do it subconsciously, I'll try to relax as much as possible everytime I practise. 

Purpose: Simple, yet profound 

On first glance, doing taichi seems easy because each action seems so slow. As we proceed to learn more, we realise there is meaning to every move, and to do every move correctly, it takes years of correction and fine-tuning. To me, "xin, shen, yi, qi" is the cultivation of our inner being to become more patient, aware and develop the strength and character to persevere in practising Taichi for life.

Taichi is an attitude to life and for long life. Thank you, Master Rennie, fellow teachers, George, Patrick, Gilbert, bro Mao, for your patience and guidance. I can never stop learning from all of you.

Best Regards,




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