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What about Tai Chi after 2 Years and Half

by Henri Schmitt


Dear Rennie Chong,

I would like to thank you for continuous and precious teaching of Tai chi. Actually, without to know what was Tai Chi meant at the beginning, I knew, it was what I has been seeking since a long time. That's mean a real sport but rather mental than physical.

First of all, Tai Chi helped and still help me to support and evacuate a high permanent stress in my professional responsability in Singapore. To give different priorities in my life hence to change my way. I became more and more assiduous even wether sometimes it was tough. As time is passing and training is progressing, my mental become more and more in accordance with my body. I really feel better in myself.

Tai Chi is also a very good " school of life" because I learn from you or other person but to reach knowledge of Tai Chi there is no end and is very very slow. This is the better way to get knowledge of your body and to deeply feel your body.

I don't know yet wether I feel the "Chi" but something is happened.

I am just at the beginning of apprenticeship of Tai chi, but I want to learn further on and progress in Chi knowledge.
Thank again by your teaching approach.

Best regards

Your student

Henri Schmitt


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