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Taiji and Wing Chun

by Han Zhi Hao

I was a student of Master Rennie Chong for 3 years during my NUS days. At that time, I knew nothing much about Taiji, only knowing that it can strengthen the Dantian. After some time of training with him, I notice something about the art-Little movement, yet something is done. Master Rennie often mentioned: “By the time you do this, I’m already at your vital organs.” A no-nonsense approach.

Recently, I got to know about Wing Chun and looked at some of its approach. It runs very similar to Master Rennie’s principles. 

Taiji principles

  • Rooting is very important
  • Energy comes from the hips
  • Always ensure that your central region is protected.

Wing Chun principles

  • Footwork is very important.
  • A good structure enables one to block and execute moves effectively.
  • When attacking, always aims towards the centerline of the opponent.(shortest distance).

I personally also found that if a taiji practitioner combine with principle 3 of Wing Chun, all moves will become simple and quick. So, remember what Master always say: “Practice correctly, it is Taiji Quan….Practice incorrectly, it is taiji dance.”



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