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"Bitter first, sweet later"

by Florence Choo

I started learning Cheng Tzu Taiji Quan in June 2008 and completed the beginner's level in November 2009 under master Rennie Chong. He is a dedicated master. He guides and encourages us to practise the correct way in order to gain the full benefits from Taiji. His class was never dull. "No pain no gain". "Bitter first, sweet later".

Over the past one year, practising the warm up exercise had improved my balance, flexibilty and muscle strength. Learning under master Chong had allowed me to gain the full benefits by learning the proper techniques, specific positions and the regulation of my breathing. Practising the slow, relaxed and evenly pace movements, I had achieved a sense of inner calm. The concentration required forces one to live in the present moment, putting aside distressing thoughts and focus on maintaining my health.

It got better and better each day after practising this modified taiji exercise. It makes each step up and down of a over head bridge much more bearable and squatting is less painful than one year ago. I have benefit from this graceful form of exercie. I feel great!
I will keep practising taiji in order to lead a healthy life.

Thank you master Chong.



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