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“My legs are stronger after attending Taiji class”

I had a spinal operation in October 2005. I could not stand longer than half an hour, walk a short distance, or climb the stairs. I started learning taiji from Master Rennie Chong in February 2008. After attending his class, the strength in my legs improved significantly. I could now stand for more than one hour, walk at a faster pace and climb up and down the stairs without difficulties.

Rennie Chong is a professional taiji master. He teaches us the taiji movements step by step, slowly and patiently. In additional to warming up exercises and Yang style 37-form taiji, he also teaches us taiji quan breathing and meditation in the class. All these exercises are very effective for improving one’s health. It is indeed a life-changing experience for me.

I will keep learning and practicing taiji to continue improving my well being and healthy lifestyle.

Fay Fay



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