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Tai Chi imroved my health

Iím Dulakshi from Sri Lanka. I would like to share my experience about Tai-chi. Many will not believe if Iím to say that I had not engaged in any sport or even day to day exercises when I was schooling or even when I was in the university as an undergrad. But it is true. Consequently, I had a wrecked body and I developed back pains, leg pans muscle pains etc. very often.

After my graduation, one of my Professors in Sri Lanka (Prof. K. S. Walgama) taught me 24 Tai-chi. Although I did notice some positive changes I couldnít continue my practices.

After coming to Singapore and when I was half way in my PhD studies (in a period I was stressed both mentally and physically) I started Tai-chi again in NUS Tai-chi sub club under Master Rennie Chong. Also I attended a community center Tai-chi class too under Ms Goh.

Master Chong is a very nice person and also a serious teacher who was very particular about details of the movements. I liked his teaching and I learnt 37 set under him. After starting Tai-chi practices, I noticed a tremendous improvement within myself. My body became more flexible and I felt less stressed. I donít develop muscle pains now as before. Now after about 1 Ė 1Ĺ years of practice my body is in much better shape than before. During this period, I noticed my Ďgoodí cholesterol level has also gone up within this period which has to be totally attributed to tai-chi practices since I didnít engage in any other sport in this period. I hope to continue my Tai-Chi learning for the rest of my life.


Singapore, 2006


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