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Lifelong Journey to Learning and Perfecting the Skills of Taiji Quan

by Dominic Ng

It was by chance that I met my Sifu Rennie Chong during the morning on 6th September 2008 at Bishan Block 192 basketball court. While waiting to pick up my friends, Sifu mistook me as his student and asked me if I were there for the training? During the conversation, he told me that he was teaching Tai Chi to some students there.

As I was interested to learn Tai Chi, I got myself enrolled into the Tai Chi class the following Saturday. Learning Tai Chi is not as simple as what most people think especially the warm up exercises. The first few lessons were tough as I went back with my muscles aching.

Being an enthusiast of Tai Chi, it took me around 6 months before I finally learnt the full set of 37-step form of Zhengzi (Master Cheng Man Ch'ing) Yang style Taiji under the proper guidance of Chief Instructor Alvin and Senior William.
To perfect the 37-step Yang style Taiji, I still have much room for improvement. It is enlightening to grasp the meanings representing the different postures for each step of Tai Chi. In a way, we could comprehend the meaning during our practice to further improve and appreciate the effectiveness of learning Tai Chi under Sifuís guidance.

On this note, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Master Chong, Senior Alvin and William for their dedication in teaching and imparting their knowledge to me and the fellow disciples. Two years may seem like a long time to some. But to me, it is only the first step to learning Tai Chi and there are many more years to come. 

Thank you.



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