Tai Chi for relaxation, energising and rejuvenation

On the Tai Chi course for relaxation, energising and rejuvenation.  12 sessions, Police Headquarters, New Phoenix (March-April 2008)


Students speaking about the course:

Dear Master Chong,

Tai Chi class is a good way to exercise and reduce stress.

Lim Bee Hong

Master Chong was generous and kind enough to give us some fine pointers towards upkeeping on's body healthy.

Therefore in order to live to the maxi life span and avoid paying insurance just to cover old age. I believe one need to persist in exercising regularly in order to keep fit.

With these fitnes, surely it will bring happiness to individual, family, community and our nation.

Tay Kah Beng

Master Chong taught us the correct way of breathing. After Tai Chi class all of us felt fresh and relieved. It is a very good exercise to keep us healthy and prolong our life.

Tan Teck Boon

Since taking up Tai Chi classes, my blood circulation has improved and my limb pain has vanished.

Ng Kock Beng

He had been more than a master; a trainer who give each trainee undivided attention and specific instructions, a light-hearted inspirator motivating each and everyone during the practice; and a great teacher who most willingly shares his Tai Chi knowledge.

His teachings and training had helped my body, speech and mind. I could feel a strengthened body now. It also does not succumb to falling sick easily. The speech is slow and in tune with a mind that is calm.

It is my hope that all my colleagues and I will continue to accumulate Qi and gain in-depth understanding of the beautiful art of Tai Chi. I further hope that the art can be transmitted to all capable beings including my colleagues in the class to strengthen their body, reduce stress, and enrich their well-being.

Thank you, Master Rennie Chong!

Choong Mong Tan

Master Chong's course of Tai Chi for Health and Fitness at Singapore Police Headquarters is a good example of how Master Chong runs his courses for the beginners. The goal of such courses is to introduce the students to a system of Tai Chi exercises, which would improve their balance and general fitness and relieve stress, as well as to explain main concepts and principles of Tai Chi.

First teaching loosening exercises and correct basic postures...

Body alignment as well as flexibility of tendons and ligaments...

Training proper balance is at the core of Tai Chi

Totally relax, totally concentrate: the loosening exercises are followed by a breathing exercise.

 On the Tai Chi course for relaxation, energising and rejuvenation at Police Headquarters, New Phoenix



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