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Learning Tai Chi

by Chee Weng Keong

I started learning Tai Chi about  one and a half year ago. I chose Tai chi as a replacement for some exercise that I had done in the past like jogging ,swimming etc. Is due to my age catching up, I needed to change my way of doing exercise. I had observed people learning Tai Chi  in the community centre, it seemed like very an easy-going and slow-motion type of exercise, which I thought would be suitable for me now.

After learning for one and a half year, I realised that it is not as easy as I thought. Not only must one get the posture right. There is a lot more to learn about Tai Chi e.g. warming up exercises, qi-gong, breathing, balancing, and etc.  In addition with my busy and stressful work it is indeed challenging for me to find time to attend every Wednesday lesson. However  I find it enjoyable and also a way to de-stress when attending the class.

Tai Chi learning had made my health better and helped me to have peace of mind.



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