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Students from California Fitness Centre speaking...

Master Rennie Chong runs an introductory Tai Chi class in California Fitness Centre (Orchard Rd, Singapore) for many years. Here are a few words from his students there:


"Master Chong has instilled in me great interest in Tai Chi. During his classes, he takes effort to ensure that we do not only master the strokes correctly but also to appreciate the various movements and the significance why the moves are made in certain ways. Every Tai Chi class I attended has always been an enriching experience for me!"

Yan Peng, 2006


"I joined this class way back in July 2005, merely out of curiosity. What surprised me was that it has made me always looking forward to the weekly classes since. The softball class has allowed me to relax with the flow of the movement and accompanied soft music that's being provided. Never before exercise was so relaxing for me. Taiji let me know my body and health better. I truly enjoy it and will definitely recommend to others to join the class too."

Lim Nancy, 2006


"Prior to being introduced to Tai Chi, I thought it is a very low-impact exercise meant for old folks. Boy, I was wrong! perspiring after the twenty minutes of warm up exercises. I strongly recommend this to young and old. But of course you need to be introduced to the right master!"

Chu Bee Lian, 2006

"Practising Tai Chi  has certainly helped me in building up my strength and stamina. I have also gained more knowledge on the techniques of relaxation. Most of all, my aim is to master the skills of Tai Chi as martial art for self defence."

Stephanie Teh, 2006

"I attend Master Rennie Chong's Taiji class in California Fitness gym. I really enjoy his class and his warming up exercises are extremely strenuous and powerful. Though I am a recent joiner, I find my health has improved and I no longer feel tired easily. Thanks to Master Rennie, his Taiji classes have helped me tremendously."

Karen Yeo, 2006

"Master Rennie Chong is a very dedicated Taiji Quan teacher. Each move is taught in a meticulous manner. He always explains and stresses the importance of doing each move properly. We benefit a lot from his teaching."

Rita Lau, 2006

"The Tai Chi warm-up exercises are excellent stretching of all major muscle groups in a gentle manner, it is almost like getting a massage, it is also excellent for improving balance. The combination of balance & strengthening should prevent lack of mobility often seen in old people.

"Master Chong teaches very gently, allowing students to absorb, when they are ready. There are always new plateaus to conquer. Tai Chi is a martial art, although opponents are imaginary. But demonstrated skills in Tai Chi would transfer to all other martial arts & improve the students ability to learn them well. The balance & breathing alone would benefit students of other martial arts.

"And I enjoy Master Chong's sense of humour."

David McMichael, 2006


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