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Taichi cures my persistent shivering cold

by Bernie Yau

I started learning Taichi from Master Chong about a year ago but never seriously practice the form on a daily basis. Not until when something strikes me that I decided to take Taichi seriously as part of my daily routine.

I had this persistent shivering cold that just refuses to go away. Thinking that it was just a normal flu, I consulted my family doctor with five visits and all he prescribed was round after round of anti-biotic with no positive results but it actually weakened my body. I was even recommended to consult a Chinese physician but after a few visits it was to no avail. As a matter of fact, I had invested quite a sum of money on medical expenses with no results but with growing frustration and concerned. Finally, I decided to tell myself to start practicing Taichi every morning and see how it goes, after all, there were records of many Great Masters who started to learn and practices Taichi when they were having serious illnesses and healing miracles did happened to them. What have I got to lose after all? With strong determination and great discipline, I woke up daily at 6am in the morning and performed the 37 steps Taichi forms for at least thirty minutes without fail. To my surprised, my persistency paid off and within a month, my persistent shivering cold was completely gone. Unbelievable!! I told myself and from there on, my faith in Taichi grew so strong that I am more determine to continue my positive habit making it a daily routine. On top of healing, there is a change in my mood and energy level, as I felt more energetic and with a very clear and sharp mind every time when I completed the form. The Taichi I learned from Master Chong had indeed helped me in my recovery from the persistent shivering cold that had been troubling me for more than a month.

I liked to thank Master Chong for his willingness to share and impart this beautiful art of Taichi which is not only gracious in style but profound in theory and applications. It took me quite awhile in the selection process in what I considered as a good Taichi teacher worth spending time and money on. I decided to learn from Master Chong as I like the way he conduct the classes, his deep understanding and knowledge in Taichi and is always looking fit and healthy every time I see him. Isnít that what a Taichi teacher should be? His classes consisted of a set of exercises that prepare you for the form, standing meditation and Taichi Chiqong which I find very complete and not many other schools offer that. I also bought his book and DVD which is an excellent investment for the small price paid. Under his training, he does not just focus on the health aspect but also the martial and applications aspects which many other schools do not even touch on. He also has very good instructors assisting him, with one instructor I would like to point out, Alvin Tan with excellent knowledge and skills, his great patience, humble character and always willing to share.

Overall, Taichi is an excellent investment for me as it will certainly save me lots of medical cost in the future and if I am to look further than the health aspect, it is also a form of self defence skill that can be mastered with years of practices. Definitely, this is a set of life skill that I will never regret provided that I practice it with great discipline and doing the form correctly on a daily basis.



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