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Learning Tai Chi is definitely not just for old

by Annie Tan-Liau

When my husband first initiated learning tai-chi together, I felt it was an old people's exercise and certainly not suitable for me. He spoke about picking up the martial art early so that when he retires in future, we could do it together. He was very much inspired by his retired colleague who does it regularly at the park with his wife.

For the sake of my husband, I agreed. During the initial months, I felt the training was very tedious especially when I had to do those stretching exercises. Thanks to our teachers, Wei Ping and Alvin. They were very patient and did not push us but always explained to us the right way of doing things. I was also feeling bored since it took a long time before we get to learn a new step. My husband would encourage me by saying that it is better that we go slow and master one step at a time before we learn a new one. During the weekdays, I practised the steps with my husband or all by myself.

Having attended Rennie's classes for more than a year and having practised diligently at home, I begin to taste some fruits of my hard labour. I enjoy playing the full set of tai-chi as it helps me to relax and tones my muscles. I also feel that my body is more flexible compared to before. Somehow, tai-chi is no longer a chore but a hobby that I can do anytime and at any place.

Although my husband and I have learnt all the 37 steps, I know that we have to persevere to fine-tune the tai-chi steps in order to derive full benefits from it. Master Renee has been a great inspiration as he is both fit and cheerful in his coaching approach. 

Learning tai-chi is definitely not just for the old. In fact, it is an excellent sport to pick up when one is young or middle-aged as it does not have detrimental effects to the joints in the long run unlike some high-impact sports. Diligence in practising the art and perseverence will pay off in the long term.

Thanks Rennie, Alvin and Wei Ping. God bless!



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