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"My knee pain is getting better!"

by Anna


It's almost 2 years since I have learned Taichi from Master Chong. Master Chong's Taichi classes are fantastic and he always want us to do Taichi with better movement, correcting us whenever he thinks it is necessary, like today he shows us "the steps sit on the tiger" again and again in slow movement, it's so graceful and so beautiful to watch.

Did I benefit from learning Taichi, yes, I did. Just before I started Taichi I have arthritis on my right knee, my knee is stiff and I have some pain too. With Taichi practice a few times a week, in about 6-9 months my knee pain improve and stiffness lessen. There is some pain but compare to time before I start to do Taichi my knee pain is getting better!

I will go on with my Taichi classes because through Master Chong I come to love it. A big thank you Master Chong. I wish you good health and everything nice.



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