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My Thoughts about Taichi - From a Beginner

by Angie Ng

1. Taichi is continuous action in slow motion. Every step taken requires focus on body posture, movement, breathing and “qi”. 

2. The best way to learn taichi is to practice in front of a mirror as you will be able to view your body posture and body movement from the mirror’s reflection.

3. Taichi is an exercise in patience. If you don’t have patience, you can forget about learning taichi. 

4. Taichi class is fun and enjoyable, thanks to Sifu and Si-Xiongs, whose patience and enthusiasm are infectious.

5. Taichi is not fun to do alone.

6. Taichi is therapeutic, better than shopping! 

7. Sometimes I don’t understand what Sifu and Si-Xiongs are talking about when they say shift the “kua” or let the “qi” move. But I am still learning and I hope to get things right one day.

8. Taichi once-a-week is not enough. 

9. It is best to practice taichi in the morning. (Problem is I cannot wake up early to practice.)

10. Taichi is a way of life. 



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