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A Healthier Me

by Zoey Lye

Taijiquan, a martial art which embrace the mind, body and spirit which I always have a great admiration for and hope to practise it one day when I reach my golden years. Few years back my health took a toll on me and after recovery from illness, I decided to start learning Taijiquan.

I enrolled into Rennie Chong Taichi Training Centre and has since been learning under Master Chong for coming 2 years. Recalling my beginning lessons, doing the warm up exercise was already a torture. My legs were trembling and ache tremendously and could not walked properly after every lessons. There are many seniors who are older and yet, they are coping so well. This has spurred me into practicing harder. Shifu emphasis greatly on strengthening the lower limbs, even till today my legs are still aching from exercise but I am able to recover faster. The loosening exercises have also aided in loosening my muscle and my body is more flexible than before.

Mediation requires you to relax your body, calms your mind and generate Qi. Breathing exercise further sink the Qi down to abdomen. Well, I'm still trying to feel my Qi and controlling it.

We are taught Zhengzi style taijiquan , I wanted to pick up the 37 forms fast. Through guidance from Shifu and Shixiong, I remembered all the steps within a year. Even though I have learnt all the 37 steps, my forms are too fancy but without depth. My postures are also wrong. Shifu and Shixiong would correct my movement and posture patiently. There is still so much to learn and it is not going to be easy. But I am very grateful to Shifu, Shishu and Shixiong who have helped me along the way.

To master the art of Taijiquan definitely needs a lot of practice and preservance. I hope with determination I will succeed one day. Learning Taijiquan has certainly changed my life for the better and build a healthier me.

October 2018


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