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The knowledge of teaching

by Jens Klappert

The knowledge of teaching is, besides the effort of the student, not only in Taiji, one of the most important qualities to learn something correctly and comprehensively. Through the personal guidance of Master Rennie Chong, I was able to enter into the subject of Taiji more deeply than ever, correcting mistakes and extending my daily practice.

Previously, I learned certain movements only superficially, without knowing the true meaning.

In addition, through the intensive teaching of Master Chong I could easily understand and implement my exercises from his DVD and book. Once you understand the basic structure of Taiji, knowledge and experience grow together, and the understanding of this complex martial art is constantly expanding into an increasing process.

I am grateful that Master Rennie Chong puts so much energy into the art of Taiji, not only in the field of teaching, but also through the published media. This benefits above all his students and all those who are really interested in authentic Taiji.

I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to learn from Master Rennie Chong.

October 2018


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