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Word of Appreciation

by Naik Kamlesh

I came to know about taiji after I looked it up on google and discovered the Rennie Chong's Tai Chi Training Centre. I had no real idea what to expect, but I have never the less been blown away by the standard of training - both physical and mental, and the quality of instruction that is provided by Master Chong and his team is truly inspiring.

I have been recovering from knee injuries due to sports. It has been troubling me for quite sometime and resulted in stiffness and pain after prolonged walking. After consulting with Master Chong, he could actually figure out the weakness in my knees and trained and guided me restore the strength in my legs. Not only has my confidence been restored, but my level of fitness has become more balanced.

When I first began, I was skeptical about the benefits of Tai Chi, partly because I had great difficulty remembering the movements and sequences. But as time passes, with the help of a very patient Master, I am getting there and have noticed that my sense of balance and flexibility have improved noticeably.

Master Chong took keen interest in training me with the Stage I breathing and Taichi. He guided me with each steps and ensured that I get my stances right.

Working towards each of the stage builds determination and gaining the knowledge gives a fantastic feeling of achievement, spurring me on to train hard for the next level. For me this experience has been a new beginning and so looking forward to continue training with Master Chong.

Once again, thank you Master Chong and so much looking forward to continue training with you.

February 2017


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