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I would like to thank Shifu Rennie Chong

by Dominic Ng

The word NATURE in Chinese is a combination of two characters: zi (自 self) and ran (然: appearance, look like). So, for us, nature is just the way it is. It is not our business to change it. However, we can find whatever we need by watching the way nature runs itself. That is why we believe we are ardent students of nature. By observing all the different aspects of nature, we can know more about ourselves.

In Taichi, the approach is to be spontaneous and go with the flow rather than being forceful all the time. This results in quicker reactions with intuition in real fighting and less injuries in daily practice.

There is no such thing as a constant way. This can be interpreted as viewing the world we are in as an ever-changing object.

The world changes on its own and is not controlled by any external forces such as immortal creatures. The driver of change come from internal forces.

Change is necessary element of life --- a positive force to refresh our lives. This concept of change has deeply influenced the inner style of Taichi.

Taichi looks simple even to beginners, it looks simple from each step, but makes a big achievement when you practice conscientiously. All these practices not only strengthened our body but it is essential to our health being.

Taichi is the most thorough inner-style martial arts in terms of its form, principles, and the way it is practiced. It looks so slow and soft that it is hard to imagine anyone fighting with such skills.

It is important to get the stances and forms right, especially at the beginning stage. However, it is even more important to relax your mind.

The most common mistake for beginners is to learn too much too soon from the beginning. They stress themselves out by remembering all the key points of the movements, the sequences, and the changes in a short time. In the end, they get too nervous to grasp the spirit of the Taichi Quan Style.

That is the reason why less is more while learning and practicing Taichi.

For Taichi, health is not one word but the combination of two characteristics –Jian 健 Kang 康 -- Jian means a strong body, and Kang means a delighted heart (体壮日健,心怡日康).

It takes time to finish the process of joining the body, and mind into one. So, do not hurry or worry, but be happy and persevere.

On this note, I would like to thank 师父 Rennie and 师姐 Jaleen for their coaching and guidance.

November 2017


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