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Tai Chi and its benefits

by Veronica Chai

Tai Chi was originated from Ancient China. It is an effective exercise both for the body and mind.

Tai Chi is an art with great depth of knowledge and skill. It can be easily learn but hard to master. But with continue practice the forms can be improved and will deliver various health benefits. There are many forms of Tai Chi, but most style share similar essential principles.

What I gather about Tai Chi is the integration of the body and mind. It is the intrinsic energy call qi which perceive greater self-control and empowerment. From my understanding from the various lessons, with the control of breathing and mental concentration, enables the qi to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. You will be able to feel a kind of sensation at the palm whatever a movement is done correctly.

Tai Chi also provides many health benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, increase stamina, muscular strength and flexibility. As the same time, it is not a sport. It is not designed to burn calories or raise our heart raise. It is a martial art that can help to improve blood circulation, balance and alignment. It helps to restore your energy, call qi. If the qi flow smoothly you will feel good.

The postures flow together without pause which make Tai Chi look like slow, graceful dance that keep your body in constant motion.

The exercise is a low impact moving exercise that put minimal stress to the joints and muscles. Tai chi movements involve the whole body which is beneficial to strengthening the spine.

Much movement and strength generated from the thigh muscles which use the strength from the hip muscle. This can become a powerful force of strengthen and power.

Tai Chi helps to build strength in a subtle way and indirectly increasing the muscular mass of your body.

I have joined the Tai Chi class out of curiosity when classes were conducted at California Fitness, Orchard Road and after which I have became a keen learner and have benefited greatly from it (all those benefits mentioned above).

October 2016


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