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The Graceful Form of Tai Chi Exercise

by Tan Sze Hian

I've always admired the graceful form of Tai Chi exercise. Its slow and relaxing motion is a gentle way to de-stress our mental fatigue after a hard day's work. It promotes good blood circulation and a long list of healthy medical benefits.

The slow flowing movements of Tai Chi exercised in a relaxed and focused concentration, with a soothing Chinese music in the background, helps me to calm down at the end of a day's work. It is indeed a meditation in a gentle motion. It gives me peace of mind and sooths away the week's accumulated tension.

It's also a stretching and self-paced exercise with each movement flowingg into the next. This slow pace is certainly suitable for all ages.

I always look forward to my Tai Ci class which is led by Tze Foo. His dedication is very encouraging and he is a very patient and gentle teacher.

It is obvious that Tze Foo treats his class like a family. His skills in martial arts is obvious. Tze Foo also organises recreation prrograms for us to enjoy each other's company and this is appreciated by all of us. Doubtless the class attendance is always good.

October 2016


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