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Good healing and health promoting exercise

by Susan Teo

My first encounter with Taiji was during the year 2003. Throughout these years, I have learned from different teachers and instructors and it was in the mid of 2012 that I joined Master Rennie Chong's classes.

Many young people look upon taijiquan as a sport for elderly. This is a misconception. Taijiquan is a well-developed form of Chinese martial art and culture. It is a culture that our ancestors had nurtured for centuries. Through centuries of experimentation and evaluation, it has been proved that taijiquan is an important strategy for promoting health and healing. Taijiquan improves body coordination and help to correct body posture. This indirectly balances our blood circulation and energy flow within the body.

Since then, I have learned that taijiquan is a good healing and health promoting exercise. It produces both physical and mental effects on preventing and dispelling illnesses. It improves our immune system and slows down the ageing process. It emphasizes relaxation, gentleness and inner peace and creates an overall sense of well-being.

October 2016


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