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I am discovering deep meaning of Tai Chi

by Preekshit Bhushan Singh

i am discovering deep meaning of tai chi very well after returning to india from singapore. it was not easy in singapore to practice tai chi n go deep in practice.but since i returned to india i am giving more and more time understand secrets behind tai chi theory .if you find in correct everything seems easy but if you keep doing your practice without true intentions you will go no where. even shifu cant help.shifu can guide us to a way which goes straight towards our goal but if we dont understand meaning behind and dont keep in mind while practicing tai chi than there is no progress.

as tai chi an internal martial art so all principles of tai chi looks like hidden somewhere but its too small to see.only one way is to experience true tai chi is activation of deep mind inside us.close the superficial mind what we use in normal life but to improve we need to activate our deep mind which more superior . this is the first step towards our internal growth.once we are in that place than we can feel very small movements of our body it is very important part of growth.

each day training with deep mind true intentions can really improve . first we train body movements intentions and mind together, when we train like this for long time our internal forces will take place mind and it will be natural .you will feel body sensation warmth and fullness while moving and forces will run through body.in order to produce forces we need to learn how to produce pressure from the feet to our canter and canter will direct waves through body movements.canter puts pressure on feet but it is not external pressure in we put our body weight we will contract body muscles and will hurt knee as well.use mind instead of external weight.once mind goes down to feet pressure comes up there is kind of light or strong connection from feet to your canter its unbreakable pressing foot to the ground produces pressure upward and same connection goes through whole body from where our mind runs .this is called wave ,waves must be strong and unstoppable . there is one more important thing to see here. while doing all this sometimes we forget to stretch muscles ..sometimes we try to contract muscles.

while stretching muscles we start improve our elastic force more we stretch our muscles more we improve it.when we breath in we stretch muscles and when breath out we release it works like rubber or like we pull arrow before releasing it.more we stretch more far our opponent fall. thighs work like shocker stopper this is the reason our master asks us to sit down abd not to bend knees.and softly.when we train like this our thigh muscles stretch and more elastic force comes.

there is a saying in tai chi book our whole body moves but not together one part follows other and make a chain like whole body is connected in a thread ,each part of body moves one by one,it is like loin runs.his whole body moves but not together.same thing we need to put in form when we do form.and whole body muscles should stretch.this is the way of internal growth . with the guidance of shifu advice we can improve but train truly is something we need to do.

hope to find a way where we can grow internally and helping each other.

June 2016


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