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Just like brushing our teeth, we should practise Tai Chi every day

by Jose Barros

I started Taichi 3 years ago, after more then 10 years without doing any sports at all. I use to play many sports such football, basket-ball or volley-ball during more than 15 years but I stopped because of some injuries, specially on my ankles. After almost 10years with not physical activity I was keeping more and more weight, so three years ago I decided to looking for a soft physical activity which doesn't affect to much joints and I find a Taichi course nearby my place. I attended this class for more then one year before I moved to Singapore. It was a Yang style Taichi class, so once in SG I try to find the same Yang style Taichi, and I funded nearby my working place in Toa Payoh with Master Rennie Chong as Shifu.

Now is almost two years I'm attending Master Chong classes and with his advises and all the exercises his teach us, especially warm-up exercises, I've built-up strength and power in my body and particularly in my legs. I can feel an improvement even in my ankles and I've restart to play football again.

But the most important thing , I've learn with Master Chong is how important is to keep doing Taichi every day, is the only way to improve. Form my side, I try to do every day at least the warm-up exercises. Is not always easy, but in this way Taichi need also discipline and is a reel life style, not only for the body but also for the mind. As we brush our teeth, we go to work, we have break-fast, lunch and diner every day, we should practise Taichi also every day.

The practise of Taichi brought to me first of all how to be in the listen of my-self, as well body then mind, but I'm still a beginner in this martial art and I know that with the guidance and the advices of Master Chong I'm in the good way to improve more.

Thank you very much Shifu for the time you give to us.

October 2016


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