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Learning Taiji Quan at the Age of 55

by Jim Chan

I did not take up any form of martial art until mid Feb'14, at the age of 55 years; I started searching the web site for Taiji class for beginners. That was where I found Rennie Chong Taiji Training Centre; and without further thought; using my IPad I wrote an email to Shifu Rennie Chong. He replied to my email promptly and also advised me as to the place I should go to sign-up for the class.

Initially, I thought that learning Taiji will not be very tiring as Taiji movement is slow and gentle. But my thought was utterly wrong; the first half of the class was rather tiring and sweaty session. I even felt giddy a couple of times during the warming-up session.

After attended numerous week of practice session at Toa Payoh Centre; I felt healthier and stronger. I even noticed that both of my lower limbs are stronger than before.

With Shifu Chong and Shixiong Roy patience guidance, unselfishly showing and explaining to the class the reason for doing a particular movement; I have finally completed the 37 Steps of Yang Style Taiji Quan; and also the beginning of a life long learning process for me to understand what is the real Taiji Quan.

Shifu Chong always organized Taiji Retreat for his students , and during the retreat he always impart his knowledge and skill to us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Shifu Chong and Shixiong Roy for your guidance.

October 2016


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