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My Tai Chi Journey

by Cecilia Kong

What does Tai Chi mean for me? Well, it is mainly about staying fit and healthy, maintaining supple and flexible joints, having the stamina and energy to do everyday activities as one gets older, (60 now), and of course, keeping sickness at bay. Social interaction is also one of the reasons I particularly enjoy the weekly Tai Chi classes at Bedok. My classmates here are very friendly and we all take Tia Chi seriously.

Before I started to learn Tai Chi, I felt that my energy level sometimes is a bit lethargic and blood circulation not so good. Although I play golf and exercise at the gym once a week, I felt that I needed something more sustainable. So I embarked on this Tai Chi journey. I have been practising, and still is doing Tai Chi faithfully with Master Rennie Chong for the past few years at the Bedok Sports Complex. I especially enjoy the half hour workout before each Tai Chi class. They comprise lot of stretching, kicking, body alignment and breathing exercises that are of great benefit to the various parts of the body and limbs. Since I began practising Tai Chi, I must say that my general health has improved tremendously. I no longer feel tired easily and I am able to perform daily chores without any strain.

The 37 step Tai Chi programme is not as easy to master as one would imagine. There is more than meets the eye. During each lesson, Master Rennie Chong would take great pains to help correct our stance. I realise that perseverance and determination is required in order to attempt to master every step and movement well. Hence, character training is a subtle part of the Tai Chi programme! Well, looks like I will be practising Tai Chi with Master Rennie Chong for as long as I am able – and enjoying every class every week! Thank you, Master Rennie Chong, for your total dedication and commitment to every one of your student. God bless!

November 2016


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