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what i understood in these years about tai chi

by parikshit singh

after practicing tai chi for two years it seems like i have been practicing it from many years as it has become part of my life.

practicing tai chi everyday there is nothing better feeling then this.. but more i understand tai chi more i lost in it..as it is said by master huang that it i have to understand tai chi completly it will take 300 years so its not surprising if i feel like this but i must say during these two years i have understood enough for my own practice and development. when i started learning push hand from shifu i had no idea what is external force and what is internal..this was told by shifu in classes so many times how we should work on this but slowly when i found how soft force is produced from the feet n how it should be directed through our body parts in one movement only after that i was able to practice n develop that elastic force which is called tai chi jin..but it is not that easy to achieve as it takes many years of correct practice,,what is more important here is..''correct practice''.because if someone will keep practicing everyday wrongly even after many years also he or she will not be able to produce soft force..

to understand theory of tai chi we should improve our loosening exercises what shifu teaches us in every class before form beacues in those loosening exercises all tai chi theory is there..if someone can understand that then it will be easy to practice form and improve.

in every movement of tai chi we shoul look for soft force to develop soft force it is very important to use our deep mind {yi}.

when it comes to explain gi shifu always try to focus on yi..because by using our deep mind we can develop our internal level

if we can learn it only then there will be chance to use gi.

while practicing loosening we should use our mind through the moevments ..as we move our mind should move with move for this our mind should be very calm and relaxed.send mind to the feet and create pressure and bringing mind up again through move is the way of producing force but we need to be relax and we should stretch instead of contracting our muscles because there is a very big difference between stretching and contracting muscles but when we practice it seems like the same.. after many months or years of self examination can make you understand about this fact.because it is said gi will only run through relaxed muscles.so it is very basic thing to know but very hard to train.

correct postions and postures are also very important because no one can produce force without getting a particular posture.so in the starting of training we should focus on this as it can not be changed once you get a bad habit ..of we can understand anf train loosening well then it makes our form much more better.because same theory is applied in forms.like berelaxed,use deep mind through your movement. and we should be able to produce forcewhile practicing form and we should be aware of our canter because all waves will be produces from canters and movement of canter is very important and how force should come from feet to canter and how it should be directed through movements...there are so many details in form all these details can be understand by practicing everyday correctly.even we have so much information but if we are not at that level where our mind and body can understand it its useless..in tai chi progress looks very slow but once you achieve somthing that will stay with you forever no one can take that from you.so slow progress should not be a prolem and even its good..as it is said by masters that you cant jump two our three steps together ..we should grow step by step and without skipping steps.

when we understand form and applications and can work on producing force then comes push hand.

pusha hand is way of tai chi.master huang used to say that he has never seen someone who is not good in form but good in push hand.so only if our form is good push hand will be good as well.because it is the result of our understanding.

we should train push hand in a same way by using deep mind through moves..every time when our partner comes to us we should neutralize him first and should be connected and make full.it is said when you completely neutralize your opponent that is the time when you can make full on his body. we should be aware of our canter and should not let opponent know our canter.using opponent force is important in push hand but if we can sense coming force we cant use it,,so our sensing power should be good.it will come only when we train ourself internally.

even it is said that tai chi is a moving meditation if someone can train himself internally while doing forms it will be like meditation. but for higher level of tai chi which are above our body forces can be achieved by meditation.but meditation should not be done by itself..only someone who is teaching meditation for 20-30 years can train you about meditation and without achieving first level no one can achieve higher levels.so first level where we work with our body forces should be complete correctly .meditation makes us more calm and bring us to more deep level.the deep mind level while doing meditation where we can feel every part of our body even a slit move we can feel the same deep mind level must be there when we do loosenings and form.only then we can feel changes inside our body.

working everyday on ourself and grow slowly and step by step is the wright way of training tai chi..but with out master no one can find mistakes and space for improvement...

i will continue my training in search of true tai chi and will give my best to learn and understand.

and i would like to thank shifu for all those classes and talk.which have made my understanding for tai chi better

October 2015


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