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My Mentor for 11 Years

by Luke Chew

Rennie Chong has been a mentor to me for some 11 years now, and training with him has been admittedly painful, but in the way that growing pains always hurt. Learning a martial art has helped to develop me both in terms of skills and in character.

I have learned how to defend myself, and how to fight and seriously injure people in a hand-to-hand engagement. Learning how to do so is neither easy nor very dynamic; it takes practice and dedication. It can be tedious and painful, and the novelty of learning how to fight wears off very quickly. Nevertheless, it’s been a good journey, and one that I intend to continue on.

Just as important, if not more so, is that it has taught me discipline and confidence. I have learnt how to persevere and push beyond my usual limits, which helps me deal with new situations in life. Pushing myself physically and mentally regularly has helped to grow my character.

On Master Rennie himself, I have nothing but praise. He tempers patience with strictness and high standards. He has been training me regularly in taichi and wushu for more than half of my life, and has been a wonderful teacher.

November 2015


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