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Looking for an ultimate goal 

by Preekshit

my introduction to Shifu was through by google. it was the time when i was trying to find a tai chi master in singapore and knowing that it will be very difficult task for me. so i found Shifu there. when i saw photo of Shifu, i was delighted people used to say if tai chi master is in 60-70 than it will be nice to learn from him. before that i had joined a tai chi centre after attending a class with Shifu i came to know what is actual tai chi. so i left that centre in search of finding my ultimate goal and join Shifu's training centre all this happened one year ago, i have spent one year under Shifu and it was a great to learn tai chi from Shifu as well other principles of life. learning process was really interesting as i had joined two classes as i showed more interest towards learning and Shifu showed much more interest in teaching me.that is what i was looking for.to find a good tai chi master is not that easy but i was lucky this time.i used to go to class before 30 minutes and used to wait for Shifu he used to come early as well and this was a great chance to learn from him.what i used to practice at home he used to correct my mistakes and like this i finished my 37 forms and after that i worked to refine my forms.

after few months of training Shifu started teaching push hands which is very important part of tai chi. it is said if your form is good only then your push hand can be good.

so i started to learn how to feel opponent's force and how to move centre and lead the force to the emptiness. slowly i started feeling the idea behind the push hands and there was a big chance of learning more from Shifu when Shifu started a class for instructors.in that class Shifu taught us very differently.it was more focused on internal movements then external movements.it was a good experience to learn from others as well.and Shifu used to correct us and explain the principles behind the moves.

there was one more important thing i learnt from Shifu was how to train the class.it is as hard as learning tai chi. but doing this from last more then 50 years it seems very easy for him. i also got some tips on this as i got chance to train a group of beginners. time by time Shifu gave me tips for training beginners. beside of tai chi master Shifu is a great person as well ,his understanding towards life and how he treats everyone is more then everything.

even once while during practicing push hands with Shifu i hurt him on his forehead.but he was very kind and said it an accident.my move was external what he could have avoided easily by exchanging any move which could have hurt me more then that but he took that move on him instead of making any fast move towards me.that is what makes him above then others.while others were criticizing me for this but Shifu was trying to show me difference between external and internal moves and this was a very good example to learn from. i wish to continue learning tai chi and much more about principles of our life from Shifu as long as i can stay in singapore, there will be always something new to learn and understand from Shifu .i wish him good health and long life.

October 2014


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