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Sudden experience with the Qi 

by Brigitte Lichtenberger

After completing the 37 steps a year ago I needed a lot of perseverance to continue and practice diligently. In the beginning it was much easier as you have the goal of completing the form in your head. Afterwards it's difficult to grab and understand the next level. That was, when I understood my Shifu telling me that a lot of students are stopping at this stage. Now I can only say to them: you missed something incredible out. In the beginning of this year I realized that I have to dig in deeper with more exact practise and reading to achieve the next level, otherwise it will just be a nice “gymnastic” workout. Taiji is a philosophy with a lot of different aspects from the Martial Arts and not placing movements back to back. I try every day to live Taiji and not just to do it. I don't want to go deeper into this matter, as there are incredible books on the market writing about the intention, ethic conduct, mind etc. I like to write about my incredible experience last week.

It was a Monday late afternoon and I was running to Bukit Batok Nature Park, which I do almost every Monday. It was pleasant weather and after a small rest on a bench I placed myself on a grass pitch surrounded by trees and a lizard underneath (he is every Monday there). It was very quiet and I could start the Taiji form without any distraction. After a couple of movements, I can't remember which step it was, suddenly there was a huge energy between my hands. It felt like a fireball and was overwhelming and a bit intimidating, as I couldn't classify this sensation. My hands were linked like with a theraband (rubber band) and I felt a stretch of the energy when I put them apart and without strength they came back together. The hands were firing till up in the lower arms and I was thinking, if I should stop or not, as I almost couldn't cope with it. I thought this sensation can't be wrong, when I am concentrated on my form. After completing the form my emotions were upside down not knowing, if I should jump around being happy to have felt the Qi or what this was all about. I decided to do the form again very focused and concentrated. The sensation kicked in very soon, but more comfortable for me.

The next day I was asking my Shifu about it and he told me that I must have felt the Qi. I always thought it will come slowly and steady as the progress with the movements. I never read, that it might come like an explosion at any time.

I feel very honoured to be able to feel more and I can't just motivate everybody to continue with perseverance and train diligently, because if you have ever felt that, you will for sure know it was more than worth it. I am very motivated to keep on going as I feel there is so much more for me to experience and learn and I am quite curious where this journey will bring me.

The importance of an experienced Shifu is essential to improve. I am very thankful to have found Shifu Rennie Chong teaching me the secrets of Taiji and never getting tired to answer all my questions. Also Shijie Jaleen helps me tremendously with her experience to improve, and without the great group at Bishan I am not sure, if I would have had perseverance to keep on going. You should not underestimate the strength of the social aspect. Having a great group to practise and an understanding family, when you always talk about Taiji at dinner times, makes it so much easier and enjoyable.

Thanks to everybody being a part on my journey and I hope to continue with all of you.

November 2014


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