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Lots of practice and patience 

by Veronica Chai

I started Taiji in California Fitness out of curiosity and after which I am hook onto it.. When I first started I knew next of nothing about it.

After months of learning, I find it to be challenging and hard to master skill. It takes lots of practice and patience.

Taiji is a philosophy. Its teachings are more than just forms and styles. Forms and styles is just the tip of the iceberg. Taiji encompasses more than Yin and Yang. The training is the thinking, the thinking is the training. Training without thinking is just like the blind leading the blind. In order to learn Taiji well, you must understand the philosophy behind Taiji. Things move for a reason, things move for no reason. Reason is what we think it is, but it may not be so.

Taiji is about connecting your body parts together. Our whole body is connected together by bones, joints, muscles, nerves, etc. yet most of the time we only feel the muscles strength. Taiji teaches you to feel the inner strengthen. It is so easy to feel the muscles in tension but so hard to feel the muscles in relaxation. The coordination between the different parts can be learnt through form. The understanding of the coordination can be learnt through the philosophy of Taiji.

Taiji is about smoothness. The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning. Every move begins from the last move and every move ends of the next move. When everything is connected together, then there is smoothness.


August 2013


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