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Learning Tai Ji: Experience for last 3 years 

by Tong Chin Beng

Why did I begin to learn Tai Ji about 3 years ago ? Often through Books,news and friends, it tells the merits and benefits of practising Tai Ji, always wanted to start early but often postponed due to higher priority of work. Until I have problem of stiff neck, shoulder pain and tensed muscle, hyper tensioned. Eventually I decided to go seriously learning by joining a proper training course. Through my sistor-law's recommendation of Rennie Chong Tai Ji School, where I started the course.

Modern life calls for productive, efficiency and generally fast pace, initially I found the trainning is quite slow pace. Did not this is exactly nature and essence of Tai Ji, which calls for slow and & steady, relaxation of body and mind with strong foundation. Right from start, I tend to pay more attention to Tai Ji Strokes, as I moved on and realized more & more about the importance is lying on the warming and stretching exercise which relaxes the body muscle and qi/blood to flow. I used to struggle to do the warming exercise and found it strenuous during the 1st year, without realizing my physical fitness is not well. however after each session of exercise, I experienced the relaxation. Then I decided to discipline a few times a week without paying too much Tai Ji Strokes, soon or later, I felt my improvement in my physical fitness, able to finish the exercises without exhaustion. When I moved into 2nd year, I picked up the full strokes and paying more attention to a strict healthy living by sticking early sleep, adopting more grains and vegetables for food. To the great extend, enjoyed watching the healthy program 养生堂 from China, like Chinese Herbs and simple breathing exercises in relation to what I have learnt in Tai Ji session. During recent year, a combination of stretching exercises, fast walk for 8-10km and Tai Chi (3-4 times a weeks is maintained if no business trip during the week) become a weekly routine, my mind has become calm and less impulsive, better blood pressure (No medication) and body weight, appreciation of life quality if we maintain healthy life style by practising Tai Ji and its tranquility. Qi often felted during the session these days, gives us the life vitality. I would say and conclude that learning Tai Ji improves calm mind and healthyness, prepare ourself ready for life enjoyment of silver spring

September 2013


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