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I thought Taiji is only for old people 

by Patricia Lim

My health is not too good and often fell sick. At times, I will bump into things and hurt myself as a result. I learn Taiji as my god-mum persuaded me to do so.

Before I learn Taiji, I thought it is for old people and its just (a watermelon cut into half, one for you and one for me). Was wondering how Taiji can benefit me at that time but I decided to give it a try so as not to disappoint my god-mum.

After I learn Taiji, I began to feel the change in me. My temper became a bit better and I see improvement in my health as well though I still fall sick at times. I can respond faster than before as well. My health currently is a lot better than before now.

When I started learning Taiji and do the basic (warm up) exercises (especially the side kick), I am not able to perform the side kicks. I realise that Taiji is not as easy as it seems. Its tiring and not as relax as I used to see old people practicing Taiji in the park.After months of training, I manage to do it. I suffer less from body aches as well. Initially, I thought that the execution of the forms are from hands and legs.

After almost two years of practicing, I begin to understand more and discover that the execution of the forms are not merely using hands and legs. The movements are actually using the "kua" and thus hands and legs move as a result. I begin to appreciate the basic exercises more and more as they help to loosen "kua" and build up the basic foundation for Taiji.

I began to lead recently and realise that it is not as easy as it seems. I had to say out the name of form and perform the execution simultaneously. The timing must be correct as well otherwise the fellow students will have problems following us. Its more tiring to lead rather than to learn. But through the process of leading, we get to learn more as well. Through leading, I see mistakes and I make. Realise my mistakes and correct them. To my surprise, I realise what I did for almost two years is wrong only when I begin to lead.

After learning Taiji, I find that it is not merely about how many forms are there in Taiji Quan. It is not just a logo which is a circle with a black and white fish and two dots. Its more to me like a philosophy which you can even apply the teachings of Taiji in life as well.

Thanks to Shi Fu, Shi Xiong and Shi Jie for guiding me, moulding me into better shape and giving me the opportunity to lead.

September 2013


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