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Learning taiji by chance 

by Lucy Yap-Juhasz

In Nov 2009, I was asked by my then Senior VP to source for a quote for a one-hour taiji lesson for the Management Meeting. Found Master Rennie Chong's website rather impressive and was told by my boss to buy the DVD and the book prior the lesson. When I met Master Chong at the Gombak Sports Hall, I was invited to join his class but I declined and shared with him my ailment. I had bone spur on my right shoulder which was just few days due for an operation before I saw Master Chong. He advised me not to proceed with the operation and encouraged me to join taiji and to seek physiotherapy and ultrasound treatment at the hospital immediately. Master Chong also asked 2 students to provide their feedback to me on how taiji has helped them with their frozen shoulder and stiff neck. I was feeling sceptical then, as on how can taiji help to cure or give any health benefit?

After much thought, the next day I told my boss that I will not go for the operation and shared with him what Master Chong had said. My boss was delighted to hear of my decision and I tell myself to go and give a try.

I took up taiji lesson the following week with Master Chong and also started with daily physiotherapy and ultrasound for 6 months, followed by weekly session. Through this process, gradually I was able to lift up my right hand without any problem.

My first experience with taiji was not an easy task, we got to remember so many postures and must always stand on the “qua” but I enjoy the warm-up exercises. The exercises also help to loosen the joint and get gently stretched and to prepare us with the different movement in taiji posture. Not only it helps us to relax, in taiji we also concentrate on the breathing exercise.

Taiji improves health and mind relaxation. I do benefit with the taiji lessons and it has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience over all and I am still continuing week after week.

II would say I learn taiji by chance and like to take this opportunity to thank Master Chong for his patience and guidance throughout the years.

September 2013


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