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Taichi Training Experience 

by Dora Tse Ching Yee

I joined taichi classes in 2010 at Bukit Gombak Stadium. My Taichi “Shifu” is Mr Rennie Chong. He is a very experienced Taichi master. The Class scheduled at every Wednesday of the week and is about one and a half hour exercise. The lesson will start with Relaxation Exercise then follow by Qigong Breathing Exercise and later part will be Taichi 37 forms.

Relaxation exercise and Qigong exercise are actually a preparation exercise before starting the Taichi 37 Froms. Relaxation exercise and Taichi 37 Froms is most hectic one. This exercise teaches me how to improve legs strength, how to prevent slipping, tripping and falling. Also to improve balance and the health of joints.

They are many movements that the appearance look sample and ease but I found difficulty in doing it. “Shifu” corrected me so many times I still making the same mistake. Example when changing the legs stand you also need to change the weight from one leg to the other at the same time maintain the balance of the body, the movements must also not put stress on the body joints.

After the attending this taichi class I felt less stresses, more flexible and less muscle pain as before.

This taichi class is very interesting, I selfdom miss it. I here want to say thank you to Shifu and his two instructors (George Loo and Patrick Lau) patiently explained the move and posture to us over and over again.

September 2013

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