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Three years of Tai Chi 

by Chee Weng Keong

I attended this taichi training for almost 3 years. The Training is once a week and I found the "taichi" exercises have one way or another improve my health. Everytime after the taichi class I felt my body less tired, more flexible, less stressed and improved sleeping.

During the taichi class practices our Shifu stressed very much on using the "kwa" instead of the knee joints when doing legs movement. Using the "Kwa" will reduce the force acting onto the knee joints therefore less pain on the joints.Shifu also emphasize lot on the postures eg.the step "Cloud Hand posture" the lower body still then turn the upper part of the body and the hands together using the "Kwa".

Learning taichi is like marathon race, keeps on learning and practices a lot then you are able to unstanding the qi, breathing, movement, postures and balance.

September 2013


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