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Taichi: a sudden inspiration 

by Brigitte Lichtenberger

On an ordinary weekday I was driving home from work, when a sudden Inspiration hit me: ”I have to learn Tai Chi to keep my body and my mind healthy”. I never had such a strong inspiration before. Being a physiotherapist I was always interested in Easter Medicine, but never took the effort to get more knowledge about it. Arrived at home I was looking for a good and experienced Master, which I truly found in Rennie Chong. I started with lessons end of last year and I try hard to practice regularly to improve my Tai Chi. The combination of body and mind is very fulfilling and I really enjoy to do it. Master Chong is very precisely in his teaching, which is important to have the most benefit out of it. Tai Chi helps me balancing my busy life with work and family and deepens my medical knowledge.

September 2013


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