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Looking back 

by Boon Juag Fong

Looking back, time has flown by quickly and since I started my wobbly steps in Tai Chi under Mr Chong.

Seemingly slow and easy, the fluid movements are difficult to master. When I look at the beginners, it was a reflection of myself. stiff and struggling to get the steps correct.

Slowly, under the patient guidance of "sifu" and the many "elder brothers and sister", I have progress.

Finally, we learnt the 37 steps but the refinements are still ongoing. The correct positions and relaxation of shoulders, elbows and most important waist and hips needs constant practice and reminder. When it is correct, one gets an inner satisfaction as one step flows to another. The "qi" flows and I can feel the points of blockages.

Transferring of one's weight correctly with the steps can be sensed now.

There is also the perception that one is correct but not quite right. Trying to master the finer points is still ongoing and my journey with tai chi is still ongoing.

I'm happy when I can practise one round with the "chi" flowing without feeling that I have missed a step. "Relax...relax" as Mr Chong says. Relax the "qua" and together with the waist it moves the body. Concentration and peace of mind helps to focus one's movement. A slight loss of concentration can result in the wrong movements, balance and control.

The journey continues...

September 2013


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