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Let's relax together

by Xiao Tian



我于2007年4月因为好奇心(太极拳真的只是老年人做的运动吗?)驱使,在California Fitness Gym 体验了几次张师父的太极课,大开眼界(答案是NO!),而一转眼就学了4年。





To whomever who thinks that Taiji is just about moving your body slowly and is an exercise only for the old folks: Join one of the lessons (it includes a vigorous warmup exercise) conducted by Master (Shifu) Rennie Chong and you will find yourself tired out and perspiring at the end of the class due to the sheer physical and mental exertion—it is still a wonder to me that just by moving slowly with full concentration can cause one’s muscles to tire!

What's more, do you know that how you move and use your body everyday affects the health of your knee joints? Here you will learn how to stand and squat properly in such a way that will take care of your knees and lessen the chance of arthritis, a common ailment in Singapore. 

During lessons, Shifu always tells us to “Relax” and relax we will because his voice has a most calming, stabilizing influence—moreover, we never see him lose his temper even though he can be strict on us sometimes as he wants to make sure that we learn the ropes properly.

Our classes are bilingual, so no worries for new students who are concerned that Taiji is only for the Chinese. In fact, one of the friends I made at my class is a German lady who was keen to know more about this ancient martial art.

Some students treat Taiji as a weekly exercise to keep fit, others as a relaxation practice—for me, it is a form of moving meditation. I think that there is practically no limits to how much one can learn and improve from Taiji since it is a process of gradual change through consistent practice—the way we perform our 37-step pattern goes from stiff, broken stances in the first few months to smoother movements over a period of time. Furthermore, these days I found myself moving with more grace and lightness in everyday life, having more awareness of how I position my body when stationary, how my body moves along, how I place my feet on the ground when walking etc. Essentially, I experience an improvement in the general “flow” of my life.

I hope to share more with you, but as Taiji is something that needs to be experienced for oneself do come join us and find out more about this remarkable martial art!

October 2011


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